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Want Results?

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Want a happy event? An inspirational Keynote Speaker? To unlock your audience? To motivate employees? To create a happy atmosphere? To inspire your organization?

Marc has won multiple national awards, including one for “Young National Entrepreneur.” His humor shifts atmospheres, but his messages shift beliefs. Beliefs determine actions, resulting in greater profits, results and success.

Topics Include: Personal Responsibility, Happiness, Work/Home Balance, Getting Happy at Work, Having a Great Attitude, Goal Setting, Overcoming Disappointment, Creating a Culture of Excellence, and more!


“I noticed a real positive change in all my teams after you’d been. We so needed that! Fantastic!”


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Q. What can you do for my audience/event?

Marc can get them happy, hopeful and inspired to take action—and make them feel appreciated, inspired and encouraged! He taps into their real motivating factors and changes their beliefs about themselves and their situations. Why is this so important? Because when they are happy, that’s what gets the results!

Q. You speak to children and family audiences as well?

Yes! Of course! Children are the most influential age group! Marc has vast experience working with children and is recognized as one of the top children’s speakers in the world. He has visited thousands of schools and run multiple educational campaigns that have won national awards. He specializes on wellbeing and self-esteem.


“There’s only one thing worse than motivating employees who leave, and that’s not motivating employees who stay!”



Want great results?

Marc is based in the US but tours and speaks internationally.